What I do to Distress

Camera Obscura in San Francisco

Lately I have had a lot of free time since I don’t have the school factor anymore and find that I have A LOT of time to waste and it is driving me crazy.

Now I realized I need a hobby or something because even though I do work full time, I don’t have school work or class or tests to study for. I still wanted to feel productive.

My first thought was to get into fitness but I always feel more comfortable in group classes and looked into Soul Cycle but when I looked at the prices I got over that idea real quick. I did notice one of my gyms has cycling classes 3 times a week and I LOVE IT. It is not easy but time goes by fast and I find it very enjoyable. So far this is all the fitness I have gotten into but it makes me feel so much better and really benefits my energy levels. I haven’t been doing it long but will update as I think this is something I can continue.

Another thing was taking care of my skin. I always did the wash my face and a face cream but now I have a little routine of my own. I will say my acne was mainly hormonal and stress related so this is more to treat some of the damage that was left on my skin from hormonal break outs. I have seen improvement in just the way my skin glows and using these products makes my skin feel amazing.

  • https://sokoglam.com/products/neogen-vita-duo-cream-joan-day-joan-night I honestly love this moisturizer. It is also super cute. I love the Joan Day/ Night concept. It makes my skin feel amazing and I find it light weight. Does not break me out and my skin feels so soft and hydrated (I have extremely dry skin). The lavender for the night cream is also a nice and soothing for my skin and I did notice a difference in my natural glow. Even when I don’t wear foundation this makes my skin look nice and even. Also it was my first time ordering from SokoGlam and I was so impressed! I got my order in 2 days and had no issues. This cream is also available on amazon. But if you sign up for Sokoglam you get 10% off your first order
  • https://sokoglam.com/pages/neogen-real-vita-c-powder-lemon THIS is what I feel completely CHANGED my skin. I had a lot of small dark spots left on my chin from acne and this was so amazing. I have been using it for a month and my spots are not even visible anymore when I used to have a hard time covering them up with make up. Since my acne was very focused on my chin I do use this kind of like a spot treatment because my skin is so sensitive.
  • https://sokoglam.com/products/neogen-real-ferment-micro-essence I am so glad I found this. I was obsessed with the Fresh Kombucha essence but it was so pricey. This does the same thing for my skin and it is a lot more affordable. I do feel my skin care lies better on my face when I use this before.
  • https://sokoglam.com/products/klairs-freshly-juiced-vitamin-c Last SokoGlam product I promise but I was so excited ordering new products and I really found it affordable and great quality. I put a few drops of this into my moisturizer because that is what is recommended for sensitive skin. This combination of products have really made such a difference in the appearance of my skin. Not only on my acne spots but also the radiance of my skin, it no longer looks dull and tired.

The next thing is I started watching what I ate a little better. My biggest issue is that I under eat a lot of the time without really noticing because I was always on the go. Now I can look into that a little bit more and I bought an air fryer and it changed my life in a good way. I make my chicken and fried on there and it is amazing and also so easy to use. I am looking forward to discovering new ways to use it. My favorite breakfast I discovered through one of my favorite youtuber Amy Lee (who also convinced me to get the air fryer). Pretty much instead of an avocado toast you air fry slices of a potato and add your avocado to it with chile flakes and lime. I love it. I got my air fryer from amazon and really enjoy it.

My recreation not pretty but delicious

The link above is to the air fryer I purchased and this is an affiliate link

Lastly one of the things I have been doing to feel better is being more mindful not just for myself but for the people around me.

I take my time to realize the impact of my words and actions and have gotten better at communicating my feelings. For this I need to understand my own feelings. I take the time to analyze why something upsets me or why I am feeling and this way I can communicate what is bothering me. I also take the time to listen to my apple watch and breathe. I stretch in the morning and at night. I just take it easy because I can now. Thinking slower also helps me appreciate a lot of the things and people I was taking for granted.

In general this past month and a half has been good for me in terms of growth, I feel great physically and emotionally. Taking care of myself is helping me take better care of others.


Amazon Favorites

I love amazon and the convenience it gives me and these are just some things I really enjoy from there 🙂

I am pretty picky when it comes to planners and I really enjoy this one because it is sturdy, it has a calendar view for important events but also has room for daily to do lists. I am extremely organized and this saves me, I love that I can fit all of my schedules in it. It isn’t super bulky so I can take it with me everywhere. It looks professional and I like using it with my regular pilot G2 pen. I am not one to decorate my planners so I am not sure how it would do with many colors but with my regular pen I don’t have any issues with it bleeding through the paper.

I absolutely love my AirPods. Whether I’m on my lunch break, the gym, school, walking around, shopping. I really enjoy that these are so subtle and that I can just pop them off and on and they automatically pause what I am listening to. I spend a lot of time alone at coffee shops and walking y myself and find these super convenient, they also charge really fast. I got mine on amazon because they have a slight discount and they have amazon prime so they got here the next day! They are so small and I can always carry them with me no matter which purse I am taking.

This face mask is so affordable and saves my skin! Seriously I love this. It is really strong and my skin is super sensitive so I only use it when my skin is really struggling. I use with it parts apple cider vinegar and water because I find just the apple cider vinegar is way too harsh for my skin. This really cleans my pores and its pretty cool because you can feel your skin pulsating. It really takes care of bad acne sometimes I’ll just use it as a spot corrector.

Okay so at first these may seem a bit pricey but I promise they are worth it! I find they keep my lunch fresh and they zip tighter than zip lock bags. They also help the environment because they have zero plastic and are reusable. They clean really easily and are very durable.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE. Okay it is very expensive but I absolutely love this. At first I wasn’t convinced about the size because i thought it was big but I literally take this with me everywhere. I am going to make it’s own post for it because it is literally one of my favorite things I own. I don’t have a TV in my room but I watch youtube, hulu and netflix on this screen and it is so handy! I have all my textbooks and books on it. It also substituted my notebook because I take notes with Notability. I need to write things down to learn and this paired with the apple pencil is a dream. I am definitely going to write its own post. I take it with me literally everywhere.

Favorite Places to Eat in San Francisco Pt.1

Mission Peak at night 16B6B297-AC70-444C-9703-A9AE2FA9563A

Limón Rotiserie (524 Valencia St)

This is one of my go-to places whenever I’m in San Francisco. It can get pretty busy but I never find that I wait too long and no matter how busy they are the service is always good and the food is always delicious. I love getting the ceviche mixto, yuca fries and lomo saltado. I always get those. Unfortunatefuly I don’t have pictures of the yuca fries or ceviche because as soon as they hit the table everyone eats them. They are that good. I usually don’t get desert because I am so full from everything but the waiter suggested I try the Budin de Pan and it was delicious. I will absolutely try it again it consists of bread pudding, vanilla gelato, seasonal fruit and rum caramel sauce. You really can’t go to wrong with limon and they also take reservations which I recommend you make.

-They also have another location on South Van Ness in San Francisco, one in Walnut Creek, Burlingame and Hawaii. I have tried all of them except Hawaii and find the food quality and service very consistently good.

Jijime (5524 Geary Blvd)

I find this place very unique and for some reason I haven’t heard it being talked about a lot. They have dark lighting inside and soft music. The decor is also very cute. I found this place perfect for a date. I got the Kimchi Fried Rice and the Spicy Chicken Jjim. The food was really good and we were the only ones in there. They also have a small bar area that looks like a Japanese bar and they also serve Ramen. It seems to be a Japanese and Korean restaurant. I am so glad I stumbled upon this place, I have gone back 3 times in the past few months. Another good thing is that it is pretty close to Golden Gate Park, about a 20 minute walk depending on which part of the park you’re going to and about a 5 minute drive from Cliff House.

Tacolicious (741 Valencia St)

Okay so super cute decor and tacos had me. We got the 10 tacos for 43 dollars because it was our first time there and we wanted to try all of the flavors. We got Asada, carnitas, fried avocado, beef, mushroom carnitas, and pastrami. Let me say they were all delicious. Usually when you see more trendy Mexican restaurants the tacos and salsas are not very authentic but these were so good. Now my only regret is only getting one of the Pastrami tacos because to me that was the idea that I didn’t think I would like and I was so wrong! If you haven’t tried them try them!! Pastrami tacos are a genius idea and I would like to thank whoever came up with it. I was also very impressed with the mushroom carnitas and fried avocado, I liked that they had vegan options that still tasted like tacos. And you can’t go wrong with carnitas or asada. I really enjoyed them all and find that the 10 tacos are more than enough for 2 people maybe even 3 because we couldn’t finish all of it.


As a teenager I didn’t really get acne. Pimples here and there and no concern for my skin. Then when I turned 18 I started to be getting really bad cystic acne. I was so confused because my friends who had acne were now getting rid of it and I was barely getting it. Now I am 23 and I still struggle but it’s different.

When I was 18 my acne was mainly big cystic acne on the center of my skin. I had constant active breakouts until I was like 20. Several factors contributed. Mainly I didn’t eat enough not on purpose but I was always on the go and surviving off of smoothies. I was also going through a lot of emotional distress with my personal relationships. Very unnecessarily, but at the time no one could tell me other wise.

Now I am 23, and again struggling with acne. This time it’s hormonal. On the chin and around the mouth. Not big painful whiteheads but little under skin bumps all of the time. They leave dark spots because my skin is very sensitive. I did learn to love taking care of my skin even if it doesn’t look good it feels good and I learned to not worry about it too much. I am going to share my favorite things that make my skin feel soothed and fresh.

  • Fresh Soy cleanser. I literally have never reused a cleanser until I got to try this one. I am on my fifth bottle. It cleans my face without drying it out and smells amazing. This I think actually did help my skin. My acne doesn’t get irritated with it and it really brightens up my face and helps it look smooth. Honestly it’s my favorite part of my skin care routine.
  • Fresh Youth Lotus Preserve Cream. I tried a bunch of fresh products after the cleanser and I really enjoy quite a few of their products. The ongoing theme with this brand is that it doesn’t dry out my face, makes me feel fresh and better about skin. This is really moisturizing but light at the same time.
  • Sheet Masks. I really enjoy getting the Lapcos sheet mask pack from Anthropologie. They are thicker than regular face masks and I feel like the products really get in my skin. I got a bunch and am trying out different ones and so far I really like them and plan on writing about specific ones soon because I am very impressed. Also really excited because I am going to Seoul in a few months  and I can’t wait to bring back a bunch of skin care.

I have not been able to find a night cream, eye cream or toner I am very impressed with. I am still on the look out for those. If any of you have any recommendations please let me know 🙂 I am looking forward to trying new products that don’t irritate my sensitive skin. cropped-img_2463.jpg

More About Me

Tulips at Golden Gate Park

A little bit more about me, what I like, things I want to do and what’s on my mind. I think of myself as an outgoing person, I love meeting new people, easy to get along with, I enjoy making people laugh. I really have a passion for helping people, which is why I am in the medical field. I was caring before my career, my career made me passionate about helping others. Helping people feel comfort in thought situations is very rewarding for me personally. I am not very close to many people but I love showing my loved ones how much they mean to me. Things that make my heart happy include being outdoors, finding new skin care, flowers (specially right now California is having the most gorgeous spring) , I love driving probably more than the average person, finding new coffee shops, new restaurants and being with the people that I love. I also have a big place in my heart for learning, not only from textbooks but from people. I enjoy listening to people who are passionate and believe we can always learn from others. With this blog my wish is to share those things I love with other people. I have found some of my favorite spots, places, and products by reading other people’s experience. Also think it’s so nice how so many people can experience one thing in many different ways. I will be talking about many things here because I want to share, that’s why I didn’t pick to do just skin care or food. I am a woman who loves many things. 

Now a little bit more about me. I think of myself as a happy person, took me a while to get here but I did. I try to be in the moment to be fully greatful of this life. Being outdoors does that for me. I recently learned to be by myself and how relieving it could be. I am a big planner, whenever I have a trip coming up I want an itinerary, but recently I learned the gems you can find when you just put the phone down and look at your surroundings. The people you meet can be lifelong friendships even if you don’t see them all the time. One of my biggest regrets was not making many friends in college because I would run out of the classroom when class ended and wouldn’t join discussions. 

Now I am in my late-early-twenties and look forward to sharing my experiences with people like me who like to read experiences. I look to share things I love but also some personal stories about my personal growth. I have experienced a lot of that in the past 5 years and I’m sure I will experience more. I wanted to create a positive space for myself and this is it. 🙂 

Why Michoacan is “El Alma de Mexico”

Michoacan has earned the title “El Alma de Mexico” which translates to “The Soul of Mexico”. This state has beautiful cities, beaches, forests but the qualities that stand out to me are the culture and the people. the culture is colorful, the people are welcoming and the food is delicious!

Cafe de olla (cinnamon infused coffee made in a clay pot)

The food! I can talk about food forever. It is so flavorful and fresh. Michoacan is a very indigenous state, where Purepechas are from. This spot in Michoacan called Tarecuato has kept the culture alive. It is located in the forest right off the highway, the restaurant is called La Kumanchikua ( meaning home in the Purepecha language. You really do feel at home. I got the feeling of my grandma making food for my cousins and I and serving us with a warm smile. The Cafe de Olla is incredible. It tends to be pretty cold here because its in the mountains, it is the perfect drink for the weather. Really if you haven’t tried cinnamon in your coffee you have to! So comforting. We also have blue corn tortillas which are the best, very traditional. Our food contains a lot of vegetables and is often cooked outside since a lot of the homes had outdoor kitchens.

Potatoes, chilaquiles, green chili beef, and blue corn tortillas
Fresh blue corn tortillas in the making

I really enjoyed this experience because it feels so personal, this is right off the highway and next to it there is also stand that sales artisanal items.

Morelia, Michoacan which is the capital of the state is so beautiful and historic. I unfortunately do not have any pictures to show since I have not been there since I was a little girl. I will link a video that shows how beautiful it is and has many tips on places to visit! Overall the channel I am going to link to had beautiful videos about all of Mexico and also many videos about Michoacan. Be sure to check them out, they are my favorite Mexico travel youtubers.

This is the state’s capital

One of my favorite spots I have been to are Patzcuaro, Janitzio, and Lago de Zirahuen (which Sin Postal also has amazing videos on! These places have so much to offer, amazing food(you will find this anywhere in the state), views, and again the people! Really they are so friendly, humble and willing to help. This was a trip my family and I did. First we stopped at Lago de Zirahuen. A lake with beautiful cabins, views and restaurants. This was an unplanned stop on our way to Patzcuaro, definitely need to go back and rent a cabin! At night people get together and have campfires around the cabins. They have canoeing and zip lining in the lake that look like so much fun!

Our main stop was Patzcuaro/ Isla de Janitzio. Patzcuaro is a magic town which is a preserved colonial town. Very beautiful. To get to the island you take a boat ride from Patzcuaro. Here you can appreciate people doing butterfly fishing in the lake and so many food stands and also stands selling keepsakes.

Everywhere you look there is beautiful scenery. I go every year because this is where my family is from and I have so many places on my list I have yet to go to! Next on my list is the Volcan de Paricutin, which is the youngest volcano in the world. I will definitely be writing a post just about that trip. the back story is a volcano erupted and covered a whole town in lava the only part that survived was the tip of a church and the altar. Lastly I am going to leave you with a music video that was made to show the beauty of michoacan. The setting is in Patzcuaro, the Zirahuen lake and the part of the church that survived the volcanic eruption. It does the state justice beautifully. If any of you have ever been there let me know how your trip went, also if you want some advice let me know! Follow me on instagram to keep up with my posts and random stuff about my day @habitfoodtravel.

San Miguel De Allende: What I did in one day

This is one of those places you see all over Instagram. You see the same picture over and over, a beautiful church, which makes you wonder, ” is the almost 2 hour drive from the airport worth it?” That is what I first thought when my family told me that this is where we were going for a quick trip. I had heard so much about it so I was kind of excited. We were on a time crunch only there for one day. According to Instagram this was more than enough time since it was a cute town that seemingly had the plaza as the main attraction. As soon as we got there I was blown away! There was so much culture, it was beautiful. Okay so we’ve all seen the picture of the church right? When we got there we had breakfast in a cute courtyard called Meson de San Jose. So good! A great way to start the day right by the main plaza. QUICK TIP- Be sure to get a map from the local guides (they are free) since this is a town that really wants to preserve it’s colonial image businesses are not allowed to have signage to point out where businesses are., therefore you really have to be on the lookout for small signs. Also a lot of businesses mark that they are businesses by placing colorful ribbons on the windows. Okay back to Meson de San Jose, all you can eat homemade breakfast buffet for 110 pesos a person (that’s only about 5 US dollars!!). They have pastries, homemade tortillas, eggs, fresh fruit, cereals, fresh flavored waters, coffee, etc.

The trolley tour (also in the picture you can see the ribbons on the balcony signaling there is a business there)

After we were full and happy we decided to take a tour of the city to be sure we got to see the main parts. This tour was so much fun and so interactive! The tour guides and bilingual and super friendly. Be sure to get there early to make sure you get tickets specially if you are in big group of people. The email is (elpipilatrolley@gmail.com) where you can also make reservations ahead of time. The trolley picks you up in front of the San Francisco church. This was so cool because we went to the lookout point, we got to talk to the locals, look at their art and got a very extensive lesson of the history of this gorgeous town. We played a few games and even got to try some local candy. At the end of the tour we got ice cream. I opted for garambullo ice-cream ( a cactus plants) similar to pitayas and it was so good and refreshing.

Garambullo ice-cream

We walked around the local markets and saw so much art! If you are an art lover, you are going to want to buy everything. There are also a lot of local artisanal workers who have so much to offer. I purchased a beautiful mirror for 150 pesos which is about 7 US dollars. They have quad tours of the place, wine tours, restaurants with cuisine from all over the world and everywhere you look there is something beautiful. They also have have hot air balloons! After visiting this town the only regret we had was not staying longer and we will be back for sure! The tour guide recommended many hotels at many different price points that are all gorgeous. I have followed them on Instagram as I am sure to come back. Some of there are:

  • @lotelgroup
  • @rwsanmiguel
  • @ hotelrealdeminassma
  • @hotelmatilda
  • Also many small boutique hotels when you are walking around

I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful place to try all the different activities and so much food!

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About Me

Carmel, Ca

Who am I?

-I am a very busy girl. I work full time and go to school (in the medical field). For a very long time I defined myself as my career. Pretty sure everyone that knew me associated me to my career and working. I am also a girl with a lot of interests and very little time. Spent some of my free time watching youtube and admiring the things they did. Lived in a boring Central California town, felt like I needed to go really far away to enjoy something other than chain restaurants on weekdays with my high school friends. I spend my free time trying new products, new restaurants and exploring my surroundings. I was shocked! I have so found so many beautiful places, restaurants and fun activities near me and hope to share it with people who need a little staycation (or a vacation because these spots are worth visiting).