Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

WOW! It feels like the Covid-19 situation is escalating so quickly. With all that is going on everyone has their own concerns, -all very valid. Many important celebrations are having to be post-poned very last minutes but also we don’t really know when we can go ahead and continue our regular plans.

Everyone is focused on their health and the health of those around us, as we should be. As we all scramble around trying to do what is best other people have other concerns also.

My experience, my courthouse ceremony was cancelled when it was only 4 days away. As everyone knows California is on lock-down and any event is pretty much cancelled until further notice. For us this was sad but we didn’t really have big plans. We were going to go to the courthouse with our parents, my sister and his brother. 6 people total including us. Then after the ceremony we were going to take some pictures and celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants in San Francisco.

We do have a big wedding planned for late November and although the date is a long ways away, I’m a little bit nervous. Our wedding is going to be in Mexico meaning a lot of travel is involved. Almost half of our 300 guests will have to travel. As of now borders are closed and they are not encouraging large gatherings. Everyone says by November everything should be fine.

I can’t imagine what it is like to go through the whole wedding planning process and putting so much thought into an event for it to be cancelled so last minute.

I have seen so many people share their experiences on having to cancel their events. I would like to make a series on how I plan to continue planning my wedding and some of the inspiration and ideas I have until my wedding comes. That way we can all share ideas and give each other some hope.

This is just my intro to the situation that I am currently in but I am very excited to share more.

Some background we got engaged in October 2019 and by November 2019 we had our photographer, venue, wedding planner, catering, music and a lot of stuff booked. I got my dress in February and that was a lot of fun.

My heart really goes out to all the soon-to-be-brides in this very stressful time. Hopefully some of the ideas shared will help and make this again the happy time that planning your wedding should be.

Three of my Favorite Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area

Limón Rotisserie, 1001 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, Ca

Food here is so good! Every time we have a special occasion or want to have a nice dinner this is where we come. I would suggest making a reservation because they do get pretty busy. They also have several locations in San Francisco, Burlingame and Walnut Creek. I have tried all of these locations and I would say there is really good consistency in food, portions and service throughout. The lomo saltado and the ceviche are my favorite. The ceviche is so fresh and flavorful and the lomo saltado is always perfect.

The Bird, 115 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, Ca

This is not only one of my favorite places in San Francisco. It is my favorite chicken sandwich I have ever had. The chicken was juicy and just spicy enough. They have a small menu and that’s how you know a place is good, they specialize in these delicious chicken sandwiches. This is my go to for a quick meal to go. They don’t have much seating but seats do open up fast. If you’re in the area I definitely recommend stopping by here.

Tacolicious, 1548 Stockton St, San Francisco, Ca

They have a very unique menu and I love the platter option so you can try different tacos. The salsas are also solid. My biggest surprise was the pastrami taco. WOW! It was so good and flavorful. We only got one because it seems like an odd choice and it was actually the best taco. They were all good though. They also have locations in Palo Alto and San Jose. This is perfect for a date also, the ambiance is nice. I believe the platter is 10 tacos for 40 dollars. You get to try different tacos and the ambiance is nice to talk and have a nice conversation, they also have a bar.

Dear Seoul,

Seoul, South Korea

Wow. Seoul exceeded my expectations. The easy transportation, abundance of coffee shops, helpful locals and beautiful sights everywhere you looked.

First my accommodations. We stayed at Hotel Cappuccino in Gangnam. The hotel was cute but the rooms are pretty small. That wasn’t an issue for me because I was very comfortable and the place was clean and quiet. Although it wasn’t close to the main areas like Itaewon, Insa-Dong etc., I enjoyed staying in Gangnam because I saw some spots that weren’t on my radar just walking around.

Transportation. I used mainly buses and the subway. I found it easy to use. First you need a TMoney card, you can get it at any convenience store. It costs 3 dollars at first then whenever you need to refill it just take it to the convenience store and let them know to refill it for you. I put 10,000 won (10 USD) in my card and that was enough. An hour ride with transfers and all was usually from 800-1200 won. Everything is romanized and the announcements are all in English. I downloaded Kakao maps and got specific directions and never had an issue with it.

Next the sightseeing. I did go with places in mind I wanted to see but I also came across so many places just walking around.

Namsan Tower is a must visit. You get amazing views of Seoul and I got most of my souvenirs here. Besides the tower, the park is gorgeous and so green. If I had more time I definitely would’ve explored the surrounding park. I don’t want to give away a lot of the little extra things you see there because to me they were a pleasant little extra surprise.

Gyenbokgung Palace

I went to Insa-Dong this is the more traditional area. The Hanbok Village is also close by. I purchased some tea, traditional toys and a tea set. I also ate spicy noodles (so tasty! But so spicy). This area definitely deserves at least half a day. The palace is huge and beautiful. Is this area there is also a lot of hanbok rentals and you can get into the pa,ace for free if you are wearing a hanbok.

Ihwa Mural Village

This was my favorite spot! Wear comfortable shoes. There’s lots of walking and lots of steep hills but so worth it. It’s nice to just fully enjoy the area. I did go early on a Sunday morning and mostly everything was closed but there was so many other shops and cafes. This is a residential area so be courteous of the people.

The cafes! I loved all of the cafes and how available they are. There’s also lots of 24 hour cafes. Any time you can find a place to enjoy a drink and talk with friends, study or whatever you may want. There’s many different themes but all across everything was delicious and the service is always fast and friendly.

I will make a part 2 with food and purchases. I have so much to say about then fashion, skincare and food!

Overall Seoul was such a fun and unique experience. It was what a vacation should be. I feel recharged and inspired.