San Miguel De Allende: What I did in one day

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This is one of those places you see all over Instagram. You see the same picture over and over, a beautiful church, which makes you wonder, ” is the almost 2 hour drive from the airport worth it?” That is what I first thought when my family told me that this is where we were going for a quick trip. I had heard so much about it so I was kind of excited. We were on a time crunch only there for one day. According to Instagram this was more than enough time since it was a cute town that seemingly had the plaza as the main attraction. As soon as we got there I was blown away! There was so much culture, it was beautiful. Okay so we’ve all seen the picture of the church right? When we got there we had breakfast in a cute courtyard called Meson de San Jose. So good! A great way to start the day right by the main plaza. QUICK TIP- Be sure to get a map from the local guides (they are free) since this is a town that really wants to preserve it’s colonial image businesses are not allowed to have signage to point out where businesses are., therefore you really have to be on the lookout for small signs. Also a lot of businesses mark that they are businesses by placing colorful ribbons on the windows. Okay back to Meson de San Jose, all you can eat homemade breakfast buffet for 110 pesos a person (that’s only about 5 US dollars!!). They have pastries, homemade tortillas, eggs, fresh fruit, cereals, fresh flavored waters, coffee, etc.

The trolley tour (also in the picture you can see the ribbons on the balcony signaling there is a business there)

After we were full and happy we decided to take a tour of the city to be sure we got to see the main parts. This tour was so much fun and so interactive! The tour guides and bilingual and super friendly. Be sure to get there early to make sure you get tickets specially if you are in big group of people. The email is (elpipilatrolley@gmail.com) where you can also make reservations ahead of time. The trolley picks you up in front of the San Francisco church. This was so cool because we went to the lookout point, we got to talk to the locals, look at their art and got a very extensive lesson of the history of this gorgeous town. We played a few games and even got to try some local candy. At the end of the tour we got ice cream. I opted for garambullo ice-cream ( a cactus plants) similar to pitayas and it was so good and refreshing.

Garambullo ice-cream

We walked around the local markets and saw so much art! If you are an art lover, you are going to want to buy everything. There are also a lot of local artisanal workers who have so much to offer. I purchased a beautiful mirror for 150 pesos which is about 7 US dollars. They have quad tours of the place, wine tours, restaurants with cuisine from all over the world and everywhere you look there is something beautiful. They also have have hot air balloons! After visiting this town the only regret we had was not staying longer and we will be back for sure! The tour guide recommended many hotels at many different price points that are all gorgeous. I have followed them on Instagram as I am sure to come back. Some of there are:

  • @lotelgroup
  • @rwsanmiguel
  • @ hotelrealdeminassma
  • @hotelmatilda
  • Also many small boutique hotels when you are walking around

I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful place to try all the different activities and so much food!

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