Why Michoacan is “El Alma de Mexico”

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Michoacan has earned the title “El Alma de Mexico” which translates to “The Soul of Mexico”. This state has beautiful cities, beaches, forests but the qualities that stand out to me are the culture and the people. the culture is colorful, the people are welcoming and the food is delicious!

Cafe de olla (cinnamon infused coffee made in a clay pot)

The food! I can talk about food forever. It is so flavorful and fresh. Michoacan is a very indigenous state, where Purepechas are from. This spot in Michoacan called Tarecuato has kept the culture alive. It is located in the forest right off the highway, the restaurant is called La Kumanchikua ( meaning home in the Purepecha language. You really do feel at home. I got the feeling of my grandma making food for my cousins and I and serving us with a warm smile. The Cafe de Olla is incredible. It tends to be pretty cold here because its in the mountains, it is the perfect drink for the weather. Really if you haven’t tried cinnamon in your coffee you have to! So comforting. We also have blue corn tortillas which are the best, very traditional. Our food contains a lot of vegetables and is often cooked outside since a lot of the homes had outdoor kitchens.

Potatoes, chilaquiles, green chili beef, and blue corn tortillas
Fresh blue corn tortillas in the making

I really enjoyed this experience because it feels so personal, this is right off the highway and next to it there is also stand that sales artisanal items.

Morelia, Michoacan which is the capital of the state is so beautiful and historic. I unfortunately do not have any pictures to show since I have not been there since I was a little girl. I will link a video that shows how beautiful it is and has many tips on places to visit! Overall the channel I am going to link to had beautiful videos about all of Mexico and also many videos about Michoacan. Be sure to check them out, they are my favorite Mexico travel youtubers.

This is the state’s capital

One of my favorite spots I have been to are Patzcuaro, Janitzio, and Lago de Zirahuen (which Sin Postal also has amazing videos on! These places have so much to offer, amazing food(you will find this anywhere in the state), views, and again the people! Really they are so friendly, humble and willing to help. This was a trip my family and I did. First we stopped at Lago de Zirahuen. A lake with beautiful cabins, views and restaurants. This was an unplanned stop on our way to Patzcuaro, definitely need to go back and rent a cabin! At night people get together and have campfires around the cabins. They have canoeing and zip lining in the lake that look like so much fun!

Our main stop was Patzcuaro/ Isla de Janitzio. Patzcuaro is a magic town which is a preserved colonial town. Very beautiful. To get to the island you take a boat ride from Patzcuaro. Here you can appreciate people doing butterfly fishing in the lake and so many food stands and also stands selling keepsakes.

Everywhere you look there is beautiful scenery. I go every year because this is where my family is from and I have so many places on my list I have yet to go to! Next on my list is the Volcan de Paricutin, which is the youngest volcano in the world. I will definitely be writing a post just about that trip. the back story is a volcano erupted and covered a whole town in lava the only part that survived was the tip of a church and the altar. Lastly I am going to leave you with a music video that was made to show the beauty of michoacan. The setting is in Patzcuaro, the Zirahuen lake and the part of the church that survived the volcanic eruption. It does the state justice beautifully. If any of you have ever been there let me know how your trip went, also if you want some advice let me know! Follow me on instagram to keep up with my posts and random stuff about my day @habitfoodtravel.


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