Favorite Places to Eat in San Francisco Pt.1

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Mission Peak at night 16B6B297-AC70-444C-9703-A9AE2FA9563A

Limón Rotiserie (524 Valencia St)

This is one of my go-to places whenever I’m in San Francisco. It can get pretty busy but I never find that I wait too long and no matter how busy they are the service is always good and the food is always delicious. I love getting the ceviche mixto, yuca fries and lomo saltado. I always get those. Unfortunatefuly I don’t have pictures of the yuca fries or ceviche because as soon as they hit the table everyone eats them. They are that good. I usually don’t get desert because I am so full from everything but the waiter suggested I try the Budin de Pan and it was delicious. I will absolutely try it again it consists of bread pudding, vanilla gelato, seasonal fruit and rum caramel sauce. You really can’t go to wrong with limon and they also take reservations which I recommend you make.

-They also have another location on South Van Ness in San Francisco, one in Walnut Creek, Burlingame and Hawaii. I have tried all of them except Hawaii and find the food quality and service very consistently good.

Jijime (5524 Geary Blvd)

I find this place very unique and for some reason I haven’t heard it being talked about a lot. They have dark lighting inside and soft music. The decor is also very cute. I found this place perfect for a date. I got the Kimchi Fried Rice and the Spicy Chicken Jjim. The food was really good and we were the only ones in there. They also have a small bar area that looks like a Japanese bar and they also serve Ramen. It seems to be a Japanese and Korean restaurant. I am so glad I stumbled upon this place, I have gone back 3 times in the past few months. Another good thing is that it is pretty close to Golden Gate Park, about a 20 minute walk depending on which part of the park you’re going to and about a 5 minute drive from Cliff House.

Tacolicious (741 Valencia St)

Okay so super cute decor and tacos had me. We got the 10 tacos for 43 dollars because it was our first time there and we wanted to try all of the flavors. We got Asada, carnitas, fried avocado, beef, mushroom carnitas, and pastrami. Let me say they were all delicious. Usually when you see more trendy Mexican restaurants the tacos and salsas are not very authentic but these were so good. Now my only regret is only getting one of the Pastrami tacos because to me that was the idea that I didn’t think I would like and I was so wrong! If you haven’t tried them try them!! Pastrami tacos are a genius idea and I would like to thank whoever came up with it. I was also very impressed with the mushroom carnitas and fried avocado, I liked that they had vegan options that still tasted like tacos. And you can’t go wrong with carnitas or asada. I really enjoyed them all and find that the 10 tacos are more than enough for 2 people maybe even 3 because we couldn’t finish all of it.


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