I love amazon and the convenience it gives me and these are just some things I really enjoy from there πŸ™‚

I am pretty picky when it comes to planners and I really enjoy this one because it is sturdy, it has a calendar view for important events but also has room for daily to do lists. I am extremely organized and this saves me, I love that I can fit all of my schedules in it. It isn’t super bulky so I can take it with me everywhere. It looks professional and I like using it with my regular pilot G2 pen. I am not one to decorate my planners so I am not sure how it would do with many colors but with my regular pen I don’t have any issues with it bleeding through the paper.

I absolutely love my AirPods. Whether I’m on my lunch break, the gym, school, walking around, shopping. I really enjoy that these are so subtle and that I can just pop them off and on and they automatically pause what I am listening to. I spend a lot of time alone at coffee shops and walking y myself and find these super convenient, they also charge really fast. I got mine on amazon because they have a slight discount and they have amazon prime so they got here the next day! They are so small and I can always carry them with me no matter which purse I am taking.

This face mask is so affordable and saves my skin! Seriously I love this. It is really strong and my skin is super sensitive so I only use it when my skin is really struggling. I use with it parts apple cider vinegar and water because I find just the apple cider vinegar is way too harsh for my skin. This really cleans my pores and its pretty cool because you can feel your skin pulsating. It really takes care of bad acne sometimes I’ll just use it as a spot corrector.

Okay so at first these may seem a bit pricey but I promise they are worth it! I find they keep my lunch fresh and they zip tighter than zip lock bags. They also help the environment because they have zero plastic and are reusable. They clean really easily and are very durable.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE. Okay it is very expensive but I absolutely love this. At first I wasn’t convinced about the size because i thought it was big but I literally take this with me everywhere. I am going to make it’s own post for it because it is literally one of my favorite things I own. I don’t have a TV in my room but I watch youtube, hulu and netflix on this screen and it is so handy! I have all my textbooks and books on it. It also substituted my notebook because I take notes with Notability. I need to write things down to learn and this paired with the apple pencil is a dream. I am definitely going to write its own post. I take it with me literally everywhere.


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