My Skin

I don’t even know where to start with my skin.. It is sensitive, dry, acne-prone and has pigmentation issues.

Whenever I get some kind of breakout (usually around my chin and inner cheeks) they always leave dark spots behind. I don’t pick at my skin but it is always giving me problems.

I also started getting acne as an adult which made it tougher for me. It is all mainly hormonal and has now calmed down for the most part. I was left behind with a lot of discoloration not so much texture. For a long time I did not know what to do about it because it seemed as if nothing worked.

I now have a routine that has improved my complexion and overall makes me feel good when I do it. I see skincare as a little treat everyday and not a chore. I am so happy to see my complexion looking more and more even.

I have 2 cleansers I absolutely love. They make my skin feel good not stripped but clean.

I also have 2 toners I use (also for regular vs a rough skin day)

Essences, no one ever told me about them growing up but they are an amazing addition to my skincare!

I am also new to the world of serums but when I was researching online to see what could help with my hyper-pigmentation I found this one and not only does it feel extremely nice on my face but it also has helped my complexion look a little but more even. It hasn’t completely cleared up but it now has a more even look.

Next is sheet masks I ABSOLUTELY love the masks from Innisfree. All of them. Any mask from there soaks in to the skin so well. It doesnt make my skin feel sticky like others do. They are also very thin and stick to the face.

As far as masks go I religiously use the Fresh Beauty Lotus Youth Preserve Mask. It smells so good and only takes 5 minutes. When I am having a rough morning in general this really helps me feel better. It smells nice and it.’s an extra treat to take care of myself.

And lastly.. Moisturizer. I have always had a weird relationship with moisturizers every time I ran out I would buy a different one because they never felt different to me. Until I tried the one I use now.