Brain Dump #4

This was a week of self-reflection.

I feel good. Specially good with myself. I am happy to say I’m proud of what I have done for myself this month. Since I became more aware of everything I have I also realized I’m happy with what I am doing.

The past year I spent so much time and money focusing on material things. Now that I really pay attention I have come way farther than I thought. I gave myself the challenge to not purchase anything I don’t need this month. Next month I am going on a weekend vacation and the following month I will be going to Mexico to visit family.

My closet is full of things I don’t like. I really want to only buy pieces that I love. Before I do that I need to find my style therefore I will research more before I purchase. I also want to be more conscious of the businesses I support. I don’t purchase make up or skin care unless I run out of something. I follow Instagram pages that inspire me. Purchasing things no longer makes me happy unless it’s something I love. I am not searching for very temporary happiness.

I want to make those around me as happy as they make me. I want to be more active. I want to be productive. Since this is the beginnning of the month I want to set my intentions. I will share some goals I have in my planner. My main goals are to eat out less, make my own coffee and work out more. Very basic goals but it is something I keep telling myself I will do for myself and I have not done it. I look forward to sharing my results at the end of the month no matter what they are. I am inspired.