Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

WOW! It feels like the Covid-19 situation is escalating so quickly. With all that is going on everyone has their own concerns, -all very valid. Many important celebrations are having to be post-poned very last minutes but also we don’t really know when we can go ahead and continue our regular plans.

Everyone is focused on their health and the health of those around us, as we should be. As we all scramble around trying to do what is best other people have other concerns also.

My experience, my courthouse ceremony was cancelled when it was only 4 days away. As everyone knows California is on lock-down and any event is pretty much cancelled until further notice. For us this was sad but we didn’t really have big plans. We were going to go to the courthouse with our parents, my sister and his brother. 6 people total including us. Then after the ceremony we were going to take some pictures and celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants in San Francisco.

We do have a big wedding planned for late November and although the date is a long ways away, I’m a little bit nervous. Our wedding is going to be in Mexico meaning a lot of travel is involved. Almost half of our 300 guests will have to travel. As of now borders are closed and they are not encouraging large gatherings. Everyone says by November everything should be fine.

I can’t imagine what it is like to go through the whole wedding planning process and putting so much thought into an event for it to be cancelled so last minute.

I have seen so many people share their experiences on having to cancel their events. I would like to make a series on how I plan to continue planning my wedding and some of the inspiration and ideas I have until my wedding comes. That way we can all share ideas and give each other some hope.

This is just my intro to the situation that I am currently in but I am very excited to share more.

Some background we got engaged in October 2019 and by November 2019 we had our photographer, venue, wedding planner, catering, music and a lot of stuff booked. I got my dress in February and that was a lot of fun.

My heart really goes out to all the soon-to-be-brides in this very stressful time. Hopefully some of the ideas shared will help and make this again the happy time that planning your wedding should be.

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