Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

WOW! It feels like the Covid-19 situation is escalating so quickly. With all that is going on everyone has their own concerns, -all very valid. Many important celebrations are having to be post-poned very last minutes but also we don’t really know when we can go ahead and continue our regular plans. Everyone is focusedContinue reading “Wedding Planning During a Pandemic”

Three of my Favorite Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area

Limón Rotisserie, 1001 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, Ca Food here is so good! Every time we have a special occasion or want to have a nice dinner this is where we come. I would suggest making a reservation because they do get pretty busy. They also have several locations in San Francisco, BurlingameContinue reading “Three of my Favorite Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area”

Dear Seoul,

Seoul, South Korea Wow. Seoul exceeded my expectations. The easy transportation, abundance of coffee shops, helpful locals and beautiful sights everywhere you looked. First my accommodations. We stayed at Hotel Cappuccino in Gangnam. The hotel was cute but the rooms are pretty small. That wasn’t an issue for me because I was very comfortable andContinue reading “Dear Seoul,”