What I do to Distress

Camera Obscura in San Francisco

Lately I have had a lot of free time since I don’t have the school factor anymore and find that I have A LOT of time to waste and it is driving me crazy.

Now I realized I need a hobby or something because even though I do work full time, I don’t have school work or class or tests to study for. I still wanted to feel productive.

My first thought was to get into fitness but I always feel more comfortable in group classes and looked into Soul Cycle but when I looked at the prices I got over that idea real quick. I did notice one of my gyms has cycling classes 3 times a week and I LOVE IT. It is not easy but time goes by fast and I find it very enjoyable. So far this is all the fitness I have gotten into but it makes me feel so much better and really benefits my energy levels. I haven’t been doing it long but will update as I think this is something I can continue.

Another thing was taking care of my skin. I always did the wash my face and a face cream but now I have a little routine of my own. I will say my acne was mainly hormonal and stress related so this is more to treat some of the damage that was left on my skin from hormonal break outs. I have seen improvement in just the way my skin glows and using these products makes my skin feel amazing.

  • https://sokoglam.com/products/neogen-vita-duo-cream-joan-day-joan-night I honestly love this moisturizer. It is also super cute. I love the Joan Day/ Night concept. It makes my skin feel amazing and I find it light weight. Does not break me out and my skin feels so soft and hydrated (I have extremely dry skin). The lavender for the night cream is also a nice and soothing for my skin and I did notice a difference in my natural glow. Even when I don’t wear foundation this makes my skin look nice and even. Also it was my first time ordering from SokoGlam and I was so impressed! I got my order in 2 days and had no issues. This cream is also available on amazon. But if you sign up for Sokoglam you get 10% off your first order
  • https://sokoglam.com/pages/neogen-real-vita-c-powder-lemon THIS is what I feel completely CHANGED my skin. I had a lot of small dark spots left on my chin from acne and this was so amazing. I have been using it for a month and my spots are not even visible anymore when I used to have a hard time covering them up with make up. Since my acne was very focused on my chin I do use this kind of like a spot treatment because my skin is so sensitive.
  • https://sokoglam.com/products/neogen-real-ferment-micro-essence I am so glad I found this. I was obsessed with the Fresh Kombucha essence but it was so pricey. This does the same thing for my skin and it is a lot more affordable. I do feel my skin care lies better on my face when I use this before.
  • https://sokoglam.com/products/klairs-freshly-juiced-vitamin-c Last SokoGlam product I promise but I was so excited ordering new products and I really found it affordable and great quality. I put a few drops of this into my moisturizer because that is what is recommended for sensitive skin. This combination of products have really made such a difference in the appearance of my skin. Not only on my acne spots but also the radiance of my skin, it no longer looks dull and tired.

The next thing is I started watching what I ate a little better. My biggest issue is that I under eat a lot of the time without really noticing because I was always on the go. Now I can look into that a little bit more and I bought an air fryer and it changed my life in a good way. I make my chicken and fried on there and it is amazing and also so easy to use. I am looking forward to discovering new ways to use it. My favorite breakfast I discovered through one of my favorite youtuber Amy Lee (who also convinced me to get the air fryer). Pretty much instead of an avocado toast you air fry slices of a potato and add your avocado to it with chile flakes and lime. I love it. I got my air fryer from amazon and really enjoy it.

My recreation not pretty but delicious

The link above is to the air fryer I purchased and this is an affiliate link

Lastly one of the things I have been doing to feel better is being more mindful not just for myself but for the people around me.

I take my time to realize the impact of my words and actions and have gotten better at communicating my feelings. For this I need to understand my own feelings. I take the time to analyze why something upsets me or why I am feeling and this way I can communicate what is bothering me. I also take the time to listen to my apple watch and breathe. I stretch in the morning and at night. I just take it easy because I can now. Thinking slower also helps me appreciate a lot of the things and people I was taking for granted.

In general this past month and a half has been good for me in terms of growth, I feel great physically and emotionally. Taking care of myself is helping me take better care of others.